Squeaky Clean {pinned there, done that}

There is something about January that makes me want to clean and reorganize everything...EVERYTHING.  I think it is the previous 3 months of holiday decorations, don't get me wrong, I LOVE to decorate for the holidays, but by January 2nd, I'm ready to take the last of the decorations down and get back to normal.

Lately I've been trying out pins with more home-remedy cleaning solutions.  Here are a few of my favorites:

*How to clean your microfiber couch ...with 4 kids my couches are in CONSTANT need of cleaning & this method works great!  You may want to do this on a day when you can open the windows for a little fresh air---the rubbing alcohol fumes gets a little strong...well at least if your couches get as dirty as mine.

*How to remove hard water stains...one of the joys of well water is that we are plagued with hard water stains.  After trying chemicals that didn't do much, I was surprised how well this worked, it still took a little elbow grease on my part, but was well worth it.

*Laundry stain remover...it says its for sweat stains, but it worked on blow-outs, spit-up & some baby food stains as well.

*Baking soda toilet cleaner...I actually added a pour of vinegar after I let it sit & gave it a good scrub--instead of just flushing {just because I never buy into the cleaner doing all the work for you}--it works great

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