F.H.E. Friday {pinned there, done that}

Pinterest is an amazing resource for Family Home Evening.  Especially when you need a lesson quick, or are looking for special supplements to the lesson you've already planned.  I'm sure I've pinned more than I can ever use (realistically)...but its good to know they are there all the same.

Last Monday I used this pin as a jumping off point to teach a lesson on how we can become closer to our Savior & in turn how our home can become a more peaceful place.  I  used to the talk Opening the Heavens (as referenced in the pin) as the main talking points. I then made a chart of the scriptures Little LDS Ideas listed, one for each family member, so they could keep track of the scripture for that week and be motivated to read it every day....we still have 11 weeks to go, but I have enjoyed the challenge so far.

More pins that I find useful...

  • If you have a Young Woman or Young Man in your house this pin has lots of great printables to go along with each monthly theme.
  • I used this pin A LOT when I was Singing Time leader, but sometimes its nice to not be the only one singing the songs at F.H.E.--so a simple song flip chart is great to get the little ones (and husbands) singing along to primary songs.
  • In case you didn't know you can follow this pin to LDS.org for coloring pages by topic, taken from the Friend magazine--great resource!
  • This pin has lots of gospel related coloring pages too.
I have an ever growing number of pins on my CHURCH board (not just F.H.E. ideas) feel free to have a look!

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