It's been too long...

It's been far, far too long since I've posted anything (seriously, September?!)....but I had a good reason, I promise...

Meet Connor, he joined our family January 13th and we are so happy he is here.  He is a bundle of joy, always so happy & content.

So now that I am re-adjusted (somewhat) to having a toddler & infant again (it has been a really long time...almost 9 years) I'm ready to get back blogging, crafting & having a project (or two) to work on. I will be bringing back "Menu Monday", "F.H.E. Friday" and "Pinned There, Done That" plus lots of things to make & do & eat.

It's good to be back, see you soon!


p.s. my ETSY shops are back open too, links on the side bar--->

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