Broiled Grapefruit

After years of not eating it at all (really since childhood), I have recently fell in love with grapefruit, specifically broiled grapefruit.  It's sweet and tart and oh, so good. But, I despise eating it right out of the rind.  Drives me crazy.  So here is my solution...it's pretty and although it takes a little prep, it is so simple to pull together.

Preheat your broiler, then get started.
First, slice of the top and bottom of you grapefruit.  Just enough to expose the fruit and give you some stabilization.

Next, working your way around the fruit cut off just the peel & pith.  Start and the top and follow the curve of the grapefruit around to the bottom.  Try to take as little of the fruit as possible.  The first slice is always a little bit of guess work, after that you can see how deep you need to cut.  You may need to flip the grapefruit over and trim up the bottom.  Don't leave any pith behind.

It should look something like this.

Now hold the grapefruit in the palm of your hand.  You may want to switch to a paring knife for this part.  Cut on both sides of each membrane to release the fruit.  Try to cut as close to the membrane as possible.  Be careful!  Then drop your grapefruit segments into a small ramekin. 

This is all you should have left.  Make sure you remove any seeds you come across too.

Sprinkle the top with a spoonful of sugar, as much as you would like, depending on the sweetness of your grapefruit.  Put under the preheated broiler & cook until bubbly and browned.  I usually place mine further away from the heating element, only because I am likely to be distracted by little kids and such.  The closer to the heating element the faster it will cook--keep an eye on it! 

When it's ready, let it cool slightly & enjoy!

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Elizabeth Carter said...

I love grapefruit but I have always been a little wary of broiling it. Going to give it a try!