Quiet Book, Page 3 {hidden flowers}

This is long, long overdue, but here is page three of my felt quiet book that I made for my now 2 1/2 year old.   Ollie still loves it & plays with it often.  Remember pages one & two?  This one is just as easy, but a has a little more detail work. This page will focus on counting & colors for the "older" kids and a is fun peak-a-boo game for toddlers.

You will need:

1- 8.5 x 11 inch rectangle of felt {for the background, I used gray}
green felt
colorful felt scraps for flowers
embroidery floss
sewing machine & colorful thread

1. Cut out 3 bushes and 3 tufts of grass out of green felt.  Either free hand the design, or make a simple pattern out of paper before you cut your felt {see pictures for ideas}.

2. Arrange your bushes and tufts of grass on the background felt rectangle.  Pin in place.

3.  Using your sewing machine, stitch each on.  Be sure to leave the bushes free at the top so that they can fold down to reveal the flowers.  I stitched all the way across the page twice along the bottom of each bush.  Then across the page and along the bottom of each tuft of grass and then again across the page and along the tops of the tufts of grass {see pictures for details}.  Be sure that you stitch UNDER the bushes so that they remain free.
4. Next cut out your flowers from the scraps of colorful felt.  I just cut out circles and notched them to look like petals. You will need 6 flowers. {flower centers are attached later on}

5.  Arrange the flowers; 1 behind the top bush, 2 behind the middle, 3 behind the bottom bush.  Pin in place.  Using a fabric marker, mark where you would like the stems and leaves stitched (or just free hand).  Using the machine stitch the flower stem and leaves, then stitch on the flower.  Repeat with  the remaining flowers.  I stitched them on by just sewing across them a few times, or around them in a decorative way.  You can do this however you like, or even hand stitch them on if you prefer.

6. Attach any flower centers with a few french knots, repeat with the remaining flowers. Now you're ready to add this page to your quiet book...more on that later.

Page 5: Tropical Fish {coming soon}
Page 6: Coconut Trees {coming soon}


megan mcmuffin said...

I would love to see the whole finished book! I only see the first 3 pages in your tutorial links...is it somewhere else and I'm just missing it? This has given me so many ideas and hope to use some of your tutorials!

Anna said...

Thanks Megan! I'm glad you like them. Here is a link to the next one.. http://annathehomemaker.blogspot.com/2014/12/quiet-book-page-4-bugs-on-leaves.html
I will have the last two up in the next few days.