Throw Back Thursday {Christmas Time Is Here}

Here are two holiday favorites from back in 2011 {& my previous blog}.  Our family loves to make snowflakes every year.  This tutorial uses tracing paper, which works great, but the past 2 years we have been using coffee filters (I like to iron mine first) which are a little more durable.  

The Christmas book countdown we still love to do.  It's so nice to gather as a family each night for this fun tradition...although the first night my 3 year old thought he was opening an actual present & exclaimed (not so happily) "ohhhhhh! I wanted a race track!".  After some explaining he was happy to join in & has looked forward to opening a "present" the last few nights.

Merry Christmas & Enjoy!

The Perfect Snowflake
I like to use 9 x 12 in. tracing paper to make my snowflakes...it is inexpensive, looks great, and is easy to cut through many layers at once...

I made 4 different sizes...whole page (about 9 in. square); half page (about 6 in. square); quarter page (about 4 1/2 in. square); and the smallest out of scraps (about 3 in. square). 


Christmas Countdown

This is my kids' favorite countdown...and it is so easy (if you are willing to spend some more time wrapping) :)

Gather together Christmas, Holiday, Winter, or any other appropriate book for the season...you will need 1 for everyday you count down (we started on the 1st...so 24 for us). We add a Christmas book or two every year, and I make up for the ones we don't have by printing off Christmas stories or poems I find online...Wrap and number each book.
Each night before bed we find the appropriate numbered book and open it...we take turns, luckily 24 is evenly divisible by 3 :) and read the story together. It is a great way to spend a little extra time together and feel the spirit of the season a little more each day.

Have a great Holiday Season!

p.s. I found my stories online here...
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints :)

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