F.H.E. Friday {Christmas Symbols}

...A lesson on Friday to teach on Monday...

Christmas Symbol Pictionary

You will need:
  • Slips of paper with clues {see below}
  • Large roll of white paper, poster board, or white board & markers or crayons for drawing
  • Timer {if wanted}
  • Scriptures (we also used these printouts with scripture references)
  • A red & white candy cane for each family member
Song Suggestions:
  • Picture a Christmas (CS 50)
  • Have a Very Merry Christmas (CS 51)
  • Christmas Bells (CS 54)

Getting Ready:
  • On your slips of paper write the following clues, be sure to leave the answer off :) {my kids are older, so the clues made it a little more interesting for them, if you have younger children, just write the object on the slip of paper}
    • Just as the angels proclaimed Jesus' birth, this sends good tidings of great joy and spreads the Christmas message. {Christmas Card}
    • These remind us of Jesus, who is the light of the world. {string of lights}
    • With green leaves and red berries, this combines 2 of the colors of Christmas.  It's thorns also remind us of the crown Jesus wore when he was placed on the cross. {Holly and berries}
    • These are used to call people together to worship, and to remind us of the joyous announcement of Christ's birth. {Bells}
    • This symbolizes the gifts the wise men brought Jesus, and also the greatest gift of all, God's gift of his Son.  {presents/gifts}
    • This symbolizes everlasting life, and it's needles point upward toward heaven. {Christmas/evergreen tree}
    • This is a symbol of our Heavenly Father's love, having no end. {wreath}
    • This reminds us of the light of Christ {candle}
    • This is a heavenly sign {star}
    • This represents the shepherd's crook, used to bring back sheep into the fold.  It also reminds us that we are to be our brother's keeper. {candy cane}
  • Hang your paper for drawing where everyone can see. 
  • Print out scripture reference cards, or be ready to read:
    • Matthew 2:9-10 {star}
    • 1 Corinthians 15:22 {tree}
    • John 8:12 {candle}
    • Luke 2:8-9 {candy cane}
    • Luke 22:44 {red}
    • Helaman 14:8 {green}
    • 3 Nephi 12:48 {white}
    • Matthew 2:11 {presents}
The Lesson:

Do you know that all around us we have reminders of what Christmas is really about? Tonight we are going to learn more about these symbols, so that as we go through the Christmas season, when we see all the pretty decorations and lights, or when we open a gift we can remember the true meaning of Christmas.

On these slips of paper I have clues, I need you to figure out what object it is talking about and then draw a picture of it up here for all of us to guess, then we will share what the object symbolizes.  Make sure you don't use words or talk.

Have a child choose a slip of paper {read it to themselves} & figure out what the answer to the clue is...you may want them to whisper the answer to you, just to make sure they have the right object in mind.  When the child starts drawing, everyone else can start guessing.  When the right answer is given, read the clue, and talk a little about what the symbol means.  Repeat with the remaining clues. When a clue comes up that has a scripture reference {star, tree, candle, candy cane, presents}, add to the clue by reading the corresponding scripture together {see above}.

Another reminder of what Christmas is really about is the colors that we use to decorate.  Who can tell me what the colors of Christmas are? {red, green and white}

Red reminds us of the blood Christ lovingly spilled for us when he suffered for our sins.  Read Luke 22:44.

Green reminds us of everlasting life.  Evergreen trees stay green all year long, which reminds us that our Heavenly Father always will love us, and that through His son and our Savior, Jesus Christ we can obtain eternal life.  Read Helaman 14:8

White reminds us of purity,  Jesus was pure and white and without sin.  We should always try to be like Him...and when we make mistakes we can repent and become pure again.  Read 3 Nephi 12:48

Hold up a candy cane. We talked earlier about the candy cane and how it symbolized the shepherd's crook and reminded us to be our brother's keeper.  When you look at it, what else can it remind us of? {red & white} It has red to remind us of the blood of Christ and white to remind us of purity.  And if we turn the candy cane upside down...what does it become? {a J} To remind us of Jesus.

Bear your testimony :)

I hope you have a lot of fun with this lesson, I know my family did :)

Merry Christmas!

{Christmas symbol references adapted from here and other various resources}

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