Good Eats {pinned there, done that}

Our computer is stupid, literally.  It's almost impossible to do anything.  Thankfully I have a very computer savvy husband, who has been working with it.  Still, most of my computing has been done via i-phone...which makes blogging tutorials and such difficult...

But here are some pins we've tried lately in our family & loved them all...

Spring is the season for artichokes & this recipe is perfect.  No dipping sauce required, just a little time.

I've been competing in a wellness challenge with some family & friends and came across this Green Monster Smoothie ...yes that is A LOT of spinach, no it DOESN'T taste like spinach :)

I usually don't like whole wheat pancakes, but these Oatmeal pancakes were fantastic...and the peanut butter syrup...I could eat it by the spoonful {but I wont}.

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